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Amazon EC2 Crosses the Atlantic

You can now launch Amazon EC2 instances in Europe!

We’ve created a new region for Europe, separate and distinct from the existing region in the United States.For fault tolerance, data separation, and stability, each EC2 region is an entity unto itself; issues within one region won’t affect the other one. This means that Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), security groups, and SSH keypairs must be created anew in each region. We’re working on tools to make it easy to move this information between regions. Also, as we learn more about how customers use multiple regions, we will add APIs to make it even easier for them to do so. There’s a new Feature Guide to Amazon EC2 Regions with a lot of helpful information, including some Frequently Asked Questions.

With the exception of support for Microsoft Windows and for Amazon DevPay (both of which will be ready before too long), every feature of EC2 is available in the new region, including Elastic Block Storage and Elastic IP Addresses.

The command line tools have been updated. The new ec2-describe-regions command lists all of the available regions, along with the endpoint URL needed to access them. A number of commands now accept the –region option. For example, this option allows ec2-run-instances to be used to launch instances in any available region.

The new region is now open for use by all interested developers. Pricing for EC2 instances, EBS storage, and I/O requests are slightly higher than in the US, reflecting differences in our operating costs in the regions.

Of course, we think that this new region will enable developers to do an even better job of serving their customers, giving them the ability to locate processing power in closer proximity to their user base while also helping them to meet EU data privacy requirements. In conjunction with the European version of S3, developers residing in or targeting markets in Europe now have powerful, local processing resources at hand.

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