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AmazonCommerceService.NET – Free .NET Library for ECS Access

Ed Quinn dropped me a note with information about his newest creation, AmazonCommerceService.NET.

AmazonCommerceService.NET is a set of .NET classes. It creates REST requests for ECS and then queues them up, dispatching them to Amazon at the rate of 1 request per second per the license agreement. The results are delivered asychronously as they arrive, using a delegate. Batched requests are supported.

All source code is included (C# and .NET 2.0), as is a sample web site built using the library. You can use the free Express Edition of Visual C# to develop an application using this code. You will need a GotDotNet or Passport account in order to see the code.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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