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Gas-Free S3-Powered Window Shopping : Amazon’s

Imagine if I can have all pleasures of window shopping without stepping out of my warm and cozy home. Not having to worry about the cold winter or always-increasing-gas-prices or even wasting my precious energy.

Introducing Amazon’s You can use the power of your fingers (and arrow keys) to move and browse through best-selling products in different categories. Even see a cool preview of a movie or listen to a sample MP3 song by just hitting the space bar on the keyboard. You have to see it to believe it.

The tool shows all best-sellers and new releases in Books, Music, Video, Video Games categories. Also, there is a very interesting chronological aspect that drifts the older content slowly to the right as new fresh content is pushed every Tuesday!


Let me tell you why I am excited about It’s because Amazon’s Windowshop is fully powered by Amazon S3. All the high-quality media, audio, images are served hot from Amazon S3 and at lightening speeds in real-time. Now that’s cool!

— Jinesh

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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