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AWS Job: Architect & Designer Position in Turkey

Late last year an entrepreneur from Turkey visited me at Amazon HQ in Seattle. We talked about his plans to use AWS as part of his new social video portal startup. I won’t spill any beans before he’s ready to talk about it himself, but I will say that he has a really good concept, strong backers, and infectious enthusiasm for the online world.

He’s now ready to hire a software architect and designer in order to bring his vision to life. I’ve posted the job below; you can send your resume to if you are interested, qualified, and located in the right part of the world.

Software Architect & Designer

We are a reputable Internet technology, software services and e-commerce company based in Istanbul and Bursa, Turkey. We are looking for a talented Software Architect who will be working in Istanbul for a certain period of time, for our new global scale “social video portal” project. Below are the qualifications required and job description for the position to be held.

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  • Extensive knowledge of web technologies.
  • Experienced in web based application design and development.
  • Solid bacground in object oriented design and development.
  • Preferrably experienced in live broadcasting over the internet, video streaming, video sharing and social networking web site development and design.
  • Knowledge and experience of design and development of multi-tier, distributed, massively multi-user systems.
  • Experienced in Cloud Computing applications (preferably with AWS).
  • Very good command of PHP or Python.
  • Experinced in relational database design.
  • Familarity with Erlang, and knowledge or experience of Java, C/C++, Ajax, Adobe Flex, mySQL is a plus.
  • Self motivated, enthusiastic, team player.

Job Description:

  • Will be mainly responsible for designing the overall system for a multi-tier, massively multi-user live video multi-casting, videosharing web site which will also have features of a social network.
  • Will be involved in Design and Development phases of software development cycle. Will contribute to the Analysis phase.
  • Will lead the Software Development Team for the period of the contract and report to the Project Coordinator.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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