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AWS Management Console Now Supports Amazon SNS

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The AWS Management Console now provides full support for the Amazon Simple Notification Service. You can create and subscribe to topics, and you can publish notifications to topics. You can see all of your topics and your subscriptions at a glance, and you have full control of the permissions on each of your topics.

Let’s take a tour. I’ll start with the main screen and create four topics. The topics names will be stock ticker symbols (“amzn”, “msft”, “ibm”, and “aapl”). I’ll confirm that all of the topics were created, and then I will subscribe to one of the topics using the “email” protocol. I will confirm my subscription and then I will publish a notification to the topic.

Here’s the main screen of the AWS Management Console with the SNS tab selected:

A new topic is created by supplying a topic name. I’ll create four topics. I’ll use the prefix “stocks_” and one of the four ticker symbols mentioned previously:

My topics are visible in the Navigation pane on the left:

Now I can subscribe to the topic. I’ll use the Email protocol for simplicity:

SNS then sends me an email to allow me to confirm my intent to subscribe to the topic. Here’s what the email looks like:

Clicking on the email takes me to a confirmation page so that I can confirm my subscription to the SNS topic. Here’s what I see after I do so:

Now I can publish a notification to my topic. I’ll send out a stock price:

A short time later my notification arrives in an email. It looks like this:

The console provides full control over access to topics, with both Basic and Advanced dialogs:

As you can see, the AWS Management Console now provides full support for SNS. You should be able to use it to help you build, test, and manage your SNS-powered applications. The ability to subscribe to topics and to publish to them without writing any code should give you the ability to build your application one piece at a time.

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