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AWS Web Event: Running a Lean Startup on AWS

Are you thinking about kicking off a lean startup and wondering what the buzz is all about? In his new book, The Lean Startup, author and entrepreneur Eric Ries (co-founder of IMVU) outlines key principles of the ideal lean startup:

  1. Customer-centric, rapid iterations on the product.
  2. Application of agile software development methodologies.
  3. Use of platforms enabled by open source and free software.

Because lean startups and the Amazon Web Services go together like chocolate and peanut butter (to overuse a perfectly delicious stereotype), we have set up a special four hour web event to show you how to combine and better understand them. This event is geared toward business founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and technical founders who want to understand a bit more about the roles of business and technology in the typical lean startup.

The event will start at 10 AM Pacific Time on Thursday, October 27th. We’ll have four speakers:

  1. Eric Ries.
  2. Matt Wood, AWS Technical Evangelist.
  3. Matt McIlwain, Venture Capitalist with the Madrona Venture Group.
  4. A top secret lean startup.

The event is free but you need to register in order to view it online.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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