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XML Beyond the DOM

IBM DeveloperWorks has published a new article: XML Matters: Beyond the DOM. Written by Dethe Elza, the article covers advanced DOM functions such as insertAfter and prependChild, a technique for making the Internet Explorer DOM a bit more consistent with the DOM standard, some shortcut functions, and advanced traversal of the DOM tree.

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Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) and Movie Collection Starter Kit

Microsoft has released the second beta version of the “Whidbey” version of Visual Studio 2005. Free downloads of the Express Editions are available for web development, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, SQL Server, and Visual J#. To make it really easy to get started with Whidbey, you should also investigate the Amazon-Enabled Movie Collection […]

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XML Shell

The XML Shell allows command-line users to interactively query and manipulate XML data without writing any code. Written in Perl, the tool allows you to use a combination of Perl and XPath syntax to treat XML data structures as if they were genuine Perl objects. You can also navigate through the XML data hierarchy using […]

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