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Coming to Washington DC in June, Help Build the Schedule

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I’m going to try a little experiment.

Other than one Linux user group, we haven’t done a whole lot of speaking or meetings in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. I do have a few emails from people who would like me to come present if I am ever in the area, but nothing concrete yet.

As an example of the kinds of meetings that I am looking for, take a look at my Utah Trip.

I am going to outline a trip, and would like to invite anyone  interested in meeting with me or in having me speak to their group, organization, or company, to use a couple of social networking tools to fill up my calendar! I usually end up sending and receiving dozens of emails when I plan a week-long evangelization trip. I’d like to reduce that number substantially if at all possible.

Here are the parameters and ground rules:

  • I’ll arrive late in the day on Monday the 4th of June.
  • I’ll depart at mid-day on Friday the 8th of June.
  • My center of gravity will be Bethesda.
  • Looking for user groups and private meetings.
  • I know traffic is bad; leave adequate room between meetings.

Ok, now here are your tools:

This is, of course, user-generated content taken to the extreme — a user-generated calendar, if you will. Let’s see if the people who read this blog can help me to create a worthwhile week for me!

I posted a very bare-bones schedule outline on the Wiki page. Put yourself on there, and use one of the other tools to recruit attendees and to coordinate a time. Make sure that I have address and contact information.

Of course, if your office building has 5 sides or your agency name has 3 letters and you don’t want to share all of the details, enter a somewhat opaque description on the Wiki, and send me an email with the details.

— Jeff;

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Jeff Barr

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