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Featured Offers Available in ECS 3.0

by Jeff Barr | on | in Amazon EC2, EC2 Container Service | | Comments

You may now set the “offers” parameter to “Featured” in ECS 3.0 AsinSearch requests. Setting “offers” to “Featured” will allow you to retrieve featured merchants’ offers using ECS 3.0. A featured merchant is a vendor with whom Amazon has a special partnership and whose offers are prominently featured on Amazon product detail pages.  Prior to now, accessing featured merchants’ offers was only possible in ECS 4.0.

Here is a sample ECS 3.0 AsinSearch request that shows how this new parameter value works:

Remember to replace “SUB_ID” with your developer token or subscription ID and “ASSOCIATE_TAG” with your own Associate ID or “webservices-20”. Since featured merchants do not exist on,, and, this new parameter value only applies to the US version of ECS 3.0.