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Amazon FPS advances to General Availability, tops it with a limited time FREE offer

We have exciting news coming out right now!

Amazon Flexible Payment Service is now in General Availability – and is easier to use with Amazon FPS Quick Starts. Now you can enable your applications with common payment transactions such as one time payments, recurring payments and pre-payments in hours rather than days.

Amazon FPS is the first payments service designed from the ground up for developers. With Amazon FPS, you can accept payments on your website for selling goods or services, raising donations, executing recurring payments, and sending payments.

Customers can pay you using the same login credentials, shipping address and payment information they already have on file with Amazon.
Isn’t that cool?

As we always do at Amazon, we listened to you, and we incorporated your feedback into Amazon FPS Quick Starts, a simplified set of APIs which allows you to implement a solution based on Amazon FPS, with enhanced documentation, SDKs and sample code.

Amazon FPS Quick Starts are categorized by use cases into five interoperable packages:
Basic: enables one-time payments for e-commerce, digital goods, donations and any other online service.
Advanced: provides periodic or delayed payment features required by subscription and usage-based services such as digital music and online storage
Marketplace: designed for building marketplace applications
Aggregated: reduces processing costs by consolidating multiple transactions, including micro-payments, into a single, larger transaction
Account Management: simplifies integrating account activity, balance and transaction information

Starting today, developers who sign up for Amazon FPS by March 15th and launch their application by June 1st, 2009, can take advantage of free payment processing for the first 90 days until total transaction volume reaches $ 500,000.

Some creative services enabled by Amazon FPS Meetup_logo
Meetup is a very popular service, it consists of a worldwide network of local, offline groups.
Meetup is using Amazon FPS to help Meetup Groups develop their own economies in the form of membership dues, event tickets and sponsorship payments.

1000 Markets.comLogo_1000-markets
A vast network of boutique marketplaces which enables a robust checkout experience across its members with Amazon FPS.

Uses Amazon FPS to support a subscription-based personal backup system built on top of Amazon S3.

So, it’s time to visit this page to learn more and sign up.

At this time, Amazon FPS and Amazon FPS Quick Starts are only available to AWS customers based in the United States.



[Simone Brunozzi, AWS Technology Evangelist in Europe, simoneb at amazon dot com, Linkedin, FB]

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