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Hadoop Summit also scaled on-demand!

First Ever Hadoop Summit was full in matter of hours when they added 40 more seats to event. After I wrote my blog post Taking Massive Distributed Computing to the Common Man – Hadoop on EC2/S3, we got several requests inside and outside from Amazon to attend the summit.

We contacted our friends at Yahoo! to see whether we can help take the event to the next level. Yahoo! took us up on the offer and we are moving to a bigger location to accommodate the traffic influx. Now, Hadoop Summit will have 75 more seats. This is scaling on-demand!  :)

The new venue is the Network Meeting Center which is in located in Santa Clara, California.

I really beleive in this new programming paradigm with Hadoop and as I mentioned in the earlier post, we keep hearing new exciting examples of ‘Hadoop on EC2/S3’ every day and are always eager to know more. If you have a cool ‘Hadoop on EC2’ story, please share with us.

I will be sharing one such story ‘GrepTheWeb – Hadoop on AWS’ at the summit. GrepTheWeb is an internal codename for the ‘Distributed Grep’ system built by the Alexa team as a part of Alexa Web Search Service and is currently in production.

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– Jinesh

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