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IBM XML Enhancements for Java

IBM’s XML Extensions for Java  integrates important XML technologies into the Java compiler, allowing for faster, more efficient, type-safe access to XML data structures. Here’s more information:

The XML Enhancements for Java (XJ) project extends Java with first-class support for XML. In XJ, one can import XML schemas just as one does Java classes. All the element declarations in the XML schema are then available to programmers as if they were Java classes. Programmers can write inline XPath expressions on these classes, and the compiler checks them for correctness with respect to the XML schema.  In addition, it performs optimizations to improve the evaluation of XPath expressions.  A programmer may construct new XML  documents by writing XML directly inline.  Again, the compiler ensures correctness with respect to the appropriate schema.  By integrating XML and Java, XJ allows programmers to reuse existing Java libraries in the development of XML code and vice-versa.

Get  the full scoop and download the code here. This looks pretty cool. If you have the opportunity to use this in conjunction with any of the AWS services (ECS, Queue, or Alexa), drop us a note and let us know how it worked out for you.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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