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Inbox Cleanup

Lots of stuff queued up today:

  • Jeremy Zawody has “done the math” and has decided to replace his home backup server with Amazon S3. Jeremy computed the cost of his hardware and his power and also took the “hassle factor” into account. All things considered, S3 came out ahead.
  • The Daily Radario displays the top 10 products from and a number of other sources. As the site says, “ is the source for informative and entertaining top 10 charts, tracking the most popular products like digital cameras & MP3 players to the most frequently purchased music and movies.”
  • The Amanda open source backup tool now supports full and incremental backups to S3.
  • The AmazonECS.Net package has been updated to support version 2 of the .Net framework. It also includes support for all locales, some bug fixes, and use of the newest ECS WSDL.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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