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Job Openings in AWS Developer Resources

I’d like to highlight a few of the nearly one hundred open positions on the AWS team. If you are a software engineer, manager, technical writer, program manager, or product manager and you like to work on cutting-edge projects with world-scale impact, you owe it to yourself to look at these positions.

If you are not sure which service team would be the best match for you, our Developer Resources team may be the perfect fit for you. This team is responsible for the developer-oriented aspects of AWS including the AWS Management Console, the AWS web site, documentation, developer tools (e.g. the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse), and programming libraries such as the AWS SDK for .Net.

If you want to make it even easier for our development community to build amazing applications, I’d urge you to check out these positions:

  • Senior Program Manager You are passionate about great customer user experiences and understand how to organize and drive distributed development projects running under tight deadlines.  You will own the process, schedule, and success of several AWS teams building rich internet applications which enable customers to use our cloud computing services through point-and-click interfaces (position 92278).
  • Senior Software Developer You will fundamentally change the way people build, deploy, and manage cloud applications in a small team running fast to offer AWS customers a brand new service.  You will apply your experience building reliable, scalable, data driven distributed applications, knowledge of web protocols, and in-depth knowledge of several application servers, Linux tools and Java EE architectures. (position 109479).
  • PHP SDK Developer You are an experienced PHP developer with a passion for PHP APIs and a desire to help thousands of PHP developers use the AWS cloud to build PHP-based web and Facebook applications quickly (position 110634).
  • Software Developer You are a self-starting, self-directing Java developer who is creative and passionate about developing web-based applications which will be used by thousands of developers (position 110635).
  • Senior Development Manager You are a dynamic, innovative, and hands-on software development manager who will lead the production of AJAX web apps that enable customers to use our cloud computing services through point-and-click, web-based interfaces.  You will be responsible for leading a central platform team of talented and nimble engineers that work with several teams across AWS to produce great developer tools and websites for our customers (position 110632).
  • Senior Technical Writer You are passionate about making it easy for developers to get started with AWS services and to gain a deeper understanding through technical documentation.  You believe strongly in providing world-class, error-free documentation and will get your hands dirty with code samples and command line tools to validate your understanding (positions 111118, 108280).
  • Software Development Engineer / Test – You are a customer advocate and passionate about ensuring the AWS management console provides an error-free user experience which delights customers by automating testing and deployment processes (positions 111171, 110638)

You can apply for any of the positions via the position link or by emailing your resume and the position number to You can also use the position links to refer the position to a friend.

— Jeff;

Modified 2/2/2021 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired links in this post have been updated or removed from the original post.
Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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