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We are already putting together our 2011 plans for AWS. I can’t tell you what we are planning to do, but I can tell you that we need to hire some more great people in order to turn these plans into the kinds of amazing services that you have come to expect from us.

The AWS Jobs Page contains two links — one to jobs within the US, and another to jobs outside of the US. As I write this there are 230 open positions in the US and another 20 open positions in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. We need developers, development managers, testers, test managers, product managers, marketing managers, developer support engineers, technical program managers, sales representatives, and business development managers.

Today I would like to highlight three teams that are doing important work that happens behind the scenes. The bill processing, payment processing, and account management teams are responsible for the technical  infrastructure that stands behind AWS and allows us to offer AWS on an economical pay-as-you-go basis. Each of these teams must deal with immense amounts of complex, multi-dimensional data and must work cooperatively with a number of other Amazon teams. I asked the leaders of the teams to tell me a bit more about what they do and the answers were very interesting. This is what they told me:

Bill Processing

“The Bill Processing Team manages the computation engine responsible for generating charges to the customers. Every time EC2 or S3 or another service meters a usage by a customer, a record makes its way to the bill computation engine. At the simplest level, the bill computation engine generates bill line items corresponding to usage. Every day the bill computation engine processes hundreds of millions of records. The computation engine is architected to enable us to scale to this huge computational load and grow with the rapidly growing AWS business. There are numerous highly varied scenarios that the bill computation engine needs to handle: the common most one is that of tiering, i.e. charging customers at different rates based on usage. These tiers may be computed across multiple dimensions: across geographical regions, across accounts, or across services. One of the key goals of the bill computation engine is to build a highly scalable, general purpose multi-dimensional counter mechanism that allows us to support a very flexible set of pricing models. Another key goal is to make the bill computation engine ‘declarative.’ We want to make it super easy for sellers to create complex pricing plans with minimal or no code changes whatsoever.”

Payments & Collections

“The Payments & Collections Team literally ‘brings in the money’ for AWS. Our work spans everything from designing user interfaces to developing highly scalable, distributed services and workflows. For instance, we own web-applications that enable AWS customers around the globe to manage account activity, view bills, pay for services and access reports; we also own backend services that execute hundreds of thousands of payment transactions and workflows every month. The team spends most of the time developing new convenient ways for AWS Customers to pay for services, and we are working on converting our web based applications to a richer interactive experience. Every improvement in our system directly translates to satisfied AWS customers and a revenue impact; for instance, we are currently developing automated escalation workflows to help AWS collect outstanding dues from delinquent customers. This is a great place for engineers who are also interested in learning more about Finance: We design and develop data-integration components that connect the AWS Business with Amazon’s ERP system and we work closely with the Accounting and Accounts Receivable (A/R) organizations within Amazon.”

Account Management

“The AWS Account Management Team builds highly scalable services for managing AWS account and product lifecycle in the cloud. Our mission is to build a world-class platform that allows our customers (AWS developers, AWS DevPay sellers/AWS service owners) to seamlessly integrate with the AWS ecosystem. We ensure that AWS developers get a world-class onboarding experience and AWS service owners have the best-of-class tools/services to manage their product. The team manages and builds a wide array of cutting edge technologies like extensible product catalog service, flexible pricing plan service, high scale subscription management service, hierarchical accounts (consolidated billing) and distributed event notification service. Our services are used extensively in the AWS Platform and will play an ever-increasing role in powering the cloud computing revolution. Were just getting started!”

Here is a sampling of the open positions:

  • Software Development Engineer.
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager.
  • Software Development Engineer – AWS Platform Services.

— Jeff;

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