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Linked List – XSLT, PowerShell, .Net Sample, Hosting Site on S3

I am back from London and I have some interesting stuff queued up for you. Here goes:

  • Eliotte Harold shows you how to “Debug XSL Stylesheets With xsl:message.” As he says, “Echo printing is one of the oldest ways to debug a thorny problem. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the simplest and quickest ways. When you aren’t quite sure why a function doesn’t behave as expected, print a few variables to the console with printf() or its equivalent to see just what’s going on.” In order to use this very handy technique to debug your ECS style sheets you would need to install an XSL processor on your own system.
  • PowerShell is Microsoft’s newest command processor. Originally slated to be shipped as part of Windows Vista, it is now available as a free download for earlier systems as well. Using PowerShell you can make HTTP calls to web services and you can process even process the resulting XML. Read all about this in the new article, “PowerShell and  Amazon Web Service.”
  • There’s a new AWS sample on GotDotNet: Ajax Example using Anthem and Amazon Web Service. Anthem is a free, cross-browser open source toolkit that you can find here.
  • Peter Lewis, writing from Australia, shows how to create An Amazon S3 Hosted Website using Interarchy. Interarchy is an FTP client application for the Mac.The technique illustrated in the article is not specific to this application and is quite handy – Amazon S3 is a really good web host. Of course, the article itself is on an Amazon S3 hosted website!
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Jeff Barr

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