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Last night I opened up my 2006 speaking season with a talk to the Dot Net Users group in Redmond. It had been over a month since I had last spoken in public, and it was fun to get warmed up and in front of a group again. In a whirlwind 90 minute talk, I covered all 6 of our web services at varying levels of detail:

We’ve really come a long way in the last four years. I’m sure that the next four will be just as exciting, as more people understand what we are up to and start to think of our services (and others) as fundamental building blocks for their applications.

I didn’t have a live network connection, but I did show screen shots of the following applications:

I also showed an example of a REST call to ECS:

This was a great crowd, full of questions, open with feedback, and very attentive. I have found that situations where I get to interact with the audience are the most fun, and this was no exception. If you were in the audience last night, thanks for coming and thanks for listening.

Next stops, Las Vegas and Honolulu!


PS – If you organize or belong to a relevant user group (Java, PHP, .Net, Perl, and so forth) in the US or the UK and would be interested in hearing from me or from Don (my cohort in the UK), please send us some mail.

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