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S3 Infinidisk for EC2

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Infindisk In the course of searching for some links to flesh out my previous entry, I ran into something new and very cool the S3InfiDisk for EC2. The InfiDisk takes the form of a mountable Linux file system, creating an infinite storage disk for EC2 instances. The file systems can be mounted on any running EC2 instance, with data cached in local RAM and on the instance’s hard disk.

The product is available in two versions. The free community version doesn’t include caching, and can be run on a single EC2 instance. The enterprise version includes caching as well as a prebuilt EC2 instance.

This looks pretty cool, and I’d love to hear about your experiences with it. Write a blog post and trackback this one, send me some email, or drop a note in the S3 discussion forum.

— Jeff;

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