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Snowbooks – Second Life Bookstore

Last week I received an invitation to check out the Snowbooks store in Second Life.

I spent some time wandering around earlier today and liked what I saw. Here’s a full report. Snowbooks is a UK-based publisher and also an Amazon Associate. Their Second Life stores provides access to their own titles and to titles from . As far as I know they don’t use any Amazon Web Services yet; this is the Second Life equivalent of an Associates site with static pages featuring products chosen by hand.

True to its name, the Snowbooks store is located in one of the colder parts of the Second Life world, with year-round snow:


Just like a physical bookstore, they have featured a particular book, and they also note that they are affiliated with Amazon:


The winter theme is maintained in the chalet-like design of the store:


Inside, there’s a good selection of books, all set up for casual, comfortable browsing:



There’s even a meeting room upstairs:


Because Snowbooks is also a publisher, they need to meet with authors and other related parties from time to time. Conveniently enough, they have an Editor’s Office with regular office hours:


You can visit the Snowbooks store in Second Life by clicking here. You can read more about the store at the Snowbooks site. You might also want to track down PK Rimbaud, the Snowbooks representative in-world.

This is all pretty impressive, and to me it shows off some of the interesting ways that a real-life brand can be brought into a virtual world.

If you are doing something interesting in Second Life with our services, please do feel free to track me down. I am Jeffronius Batra.

— Jeff;

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