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Special Opportunity for AWS Developers in Boston and Silicon Valley

Training Last last year I announced that an unnamed company was conducting a live seminar in the Seattle area and that they were holding some spaces open for AWS developers. I was able to attend that session, and can report that I saw some really, really cool development tools. In the space of the day I was able to see the tool in action, interact with a couple of members of the development team, and actually work through a series of tutorials to construct a couple of nice web applications.

I still can’t name this company, but I can tell you that they have training sessions coming up in Boston January 16th) and San Francisco (February 20th and March 6th).

If you use AWS, are in either area, and are an individual developer, part of a small company, or a member of a development team in a larger company, you may be eligible to participate.

If so, send an email to Brad Hintze — .

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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