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Steve from MindTouch emailed me a while back about a really interesting write-up on how they moved their Wiki farm to Amazon EC2.Steve said that in the spirit of helping others do the same, we did a complete write up about it.

Mindtouch_architecture The article includes an architecture diagram, but more importantly it also drills into implementation details–complete with configuration settings that they used for HAProxy, Apache (with multi-tenant Deki), Memcache, and Lucene. MindTouch also implemented auto scaling, which is covered briefly.

If youre thinking about architecting an application for Amazon EC2, theres nothing like seeing someone else’s implementation, which you can read about here.

Oh, and one of my favorite features of MindTouchs wiki software is the Save to PDF feature. Made it easy to print out the paper.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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