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Upcoming Events: Training and Webinars

Some interesting webinars and training sessions are scheduled to take place in the very near future:

  • Alestic On November 15th and 16th, Eric Hammond (maintainer of a number of great Ubuntu and Debian AMIs) will be at Bar Camp San Diego. He’s planning to talk about EC2. Admission is apparently free but you need to register or they won’t let you in! Eric told me:

    It sounds like they’re going to have room to setup an “ask the experts” area where I’ll be able to spend more time
    walking folks through using EC2 features at beginner and advanced levels.

  • Cloud_enablement_webinar On November 18th, GigaSpaces and CohesiveFT will join forces to present a webinar titled Cloud Enablement with Security and Control. Intended for IT executives, developers, and administrators the webinar will address some perceived barriers to adoption of cloud computing including security, control, and portability. Again, pre-registration is a must. Attendees will get to learn more about VPN-Cubed from CohesiveFT and XAP from GigaSpaces.
  • Aws_developer_boot_camp The AWS Developer Bootcamp will be held in Redwood City, California on December 2nd and in Boston on December 4th. This hands-on course will walk developers through the AWS infrastructure services and show them how to deploy their applications in the cloud. Developers should have some experience using Java to build web applications. They will create a fully functioning video application with storage, queueing, transcoding, cataloging, and hosting functions. The course costs $175 per person and registration is a must.
  • Rpath_training On December 10th through 12th, rPath will conduct a three day training class in Redwood City, California. The course, Enabling Applications for Cloud Computing Featuring Amazon EC2, will introduce the concept of cloud computing, present the features and benefits of current commercial cloud computing solutions, and guids participants through creating an example infrastructure within a cloud, employing rBuilder Online and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in hands-on labs. Once again, you’ll need to register!

If you are planning an event which belongs on this page, drop me a note.

— Jeff;

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