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Upcoming Webinar – Amazon Mechanical Turk and Statera

Would you like to learn more about the Amazon Mechanical Turk and how you can make use of an on-demand workforce to add a human element to your application? Do you need to identify objects in a photo, remove duplicate data items, transcribe audio, or perform online research?

If so, you should plan to attend the Mechanical Turk Webinar later this week (May 20, 2010 to be precise). The webinar will feature speakers from the Mechanical Turk team and from technology consulting firm Statera. During the course of the one-hour webinar you’ll learn the basics of Mechanical Turk, how to get started and how to scale up. You’ll learn about strategies for dealing with high volumes, workflows, and quality assurance.

The webinar is free you you need to register!

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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