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Upcoming webinar – Application security in the cloud

Amazon Web Services is teaming with RightScale and HyperStratus to deliver a webinar on cloud security. In survey after survey, and just about everywhere I travel, potential cloud computing users mention security as their number one concern. This webinar presents a set of best practices to ensure security for applications running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment using the RightScale management platform with HyperStratus application integration.

Come and learn application security best practices from Bernard Golden, CEO of HyperStratus; Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale; and yours truly (Steve Riley), Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon Web Services. Topics include:

  • The three crucial layers of security in a cloud computing environment
  • How Amazon Web Services ensures a secure infrastructure throughout its cloud computing environment
  • How RightScale implements a management and monitoring framework to ensure consistent application of security policies throughout an application deployment
  • Best practices from HyperStratus that integrate applications with the infrastructure and monitoring framework to ensure the highest possible level of application security
  • How to address the five key areas of application security configuration to prevent unauthorized access and poor data security in cloud environments

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