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Updated Amazon Linux AMI (2011.02) Released

by Jeff Barr | on | in Amazon EC2 | | Comments

We released an updated version of the Amazon Linux AMI earlier this week. It is available in all AWS Regions for all instance types.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Default compiler upgraded from GCC 4.1 to GCC 4.4.
  • The AMI kernel is now based on release.
  • An HVM AMI was released to support the Cluster Compute (cc1.4xlarge) and Cluster GPU (cg1.4xlarge) instance types.
  • Default filesystem type for the AMI root filesystem has been changed from ext3 to ext4.
  • The Amazon Linux AMI is using upstart instead of sysvinit when booting.
  • The default Yum configuration on Amazon Linux AMI enables fail-over access to neighboring regions in case the repository in the local region is not accessible.

There’s more information and a complete list of new and updated packages in the Amazon Linux Release Notes.

 — Jeff;