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Updated ECS 3 Release

We rolled out a new set of bits for ECS 3 early this morning. Here are the release notes:

Features and Fixes

  1. For JP only, there are some changes to Marketplace-related operations:
    1. SellerSearch and ExchangeSearch are now supported except for the ExchangeQuantityAllocated and ExchangeFeaturedCategory elements.
    2. MarketplaceSearch now requires the Seller Id to be passed in as a required parameter. The REST syntax for passing in Seller Id is “seller-id=“.
    3. index is now an optional parameter to MarketPlaceSearch since “marketplace” is the only supported index in JP. Users are not required to pass in index since ECS always defaults to “marketplace”.
    4. The following MarketplaceSearch input parameters are not supported: keyword-search=title or keyword-search=titledesc, geo, area-id, browse-id, zipcode, sort=-bfp. These will be ignored and MarketplaceSearch will return all Marketplace Listings for the SellerId in the request.
    5. The ExchangeQuantityAllocated and ExchangeFeaturedCategory output elements (in ListingProductDetails) are never returned by the MarketplaceSearch.
  2. ExchangeSearch is now supported for the JP, FR, and CA locales.
  3. Seller Ratings are now supported (US locale only). All Search operations that return ThirdPartyProductDetails are now returning the correct SellerRating.
  4. Search operations now support SellerId and SellerNickname for Amazon’s offer in ThirdPartyProductDetails.
  5. In the FR locale, the ExchangePrice in MarketplaceSearch is now correctly formatted. In the previous release the ExchangePrice was incorrectly formatted as EUR 9.99 instead of EUR 9,99.
  6. In previous releases, some responses contained invalid control characters. The control characters are now properly encoded.

Operational Changes

XSLT requests sent to the amazon domains (,,,,, and will now be redirected to the appropriate sub-domain of Users should modify their applications to make direct reference to the appropriate sub-domain:


Known Issues

  1. Customer reviews returned by search operations may not be in-sync with the reviews on the web sites.
  2. SellerListingLookup by ListingId is not returning any results (US, UK, and DE).
Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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