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Updated ECS 4 Release

We updated the ECS 4 service earlier today. The new WSDL version is 2005-02-23.

Here are the details:

Features and Fixes

  • Searching by European Article Number (EAN) is now supported for CA
    Searching by EAN is now supported in the CA locale for Classical, DVD, Music, Video and VHS SearchIndices.
  • New element, URLEncodedHMAC, is available in Cart operations
    A new element, URLEncodedHMAC, is now returned in Cart operations. Use this element instead of URL-encoding the HMAC manually.
  • New elements, ItemTotal and SubTotal, supported in CartCreate, CartAdd, CartGet and CartModify operations
    The CartCreate, CartAdd, CartGet, CartClear and CartModify operations now support ItemTotal and SubTotal elements. ItemTotal is the unit price of an item multiplied by the number of those items purchased. SubTotal is the sum of all ItemTotal values.

Resolved Issues

  • TotalReviewPages element was missing in the Reviews response group
    TotalReviewPages element is now returned in the Reviews response group within the CustomerReviews element for all locales.
  • ItemSearch by Manufacturer returned Publisher in Software SearchIndex
      ItemSearch now returns Manufacturer instead of Publisher in the ItemAttributes element.
  • Duplicate product descriptions returned in ItemSearch
    ItemSearch no longer returns duplicate product descriptions.
  • GlancePage is now supported in SellerLookup
    The SellerLookup operation now returns the GlancePage element.
  • Multiple ListId elements returned in first List element for the ListSearch operation
    ListSearch no longer returns multiple ListId, ListType, TotalPages and TotalItems for UK, DE, and JP locales.
  • SellerListingSearch returned 25 listings instead of 10
    The SellerListingSearch operation now returns 10 listings per search. This affects the FR, CA, and JP locales.
Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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