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What Should Adam Do?

Its always interesting to see what people use Amazon Web Services for. This blog post is on one hand a look at an interesting example; however it is also a chance to participate in a social experiment. Adam Ginsburg from Sydney Australia set up a form to let you vote on what he should do next.

There a number of other things going on here. First of all, Adam made a YouTube video that shows how easy it is to set up Lotus Forms Turbo on Amazon EC2. That makes sense, because Adam works for IBM, and I work for AWS. So of course we were on a call about IBM software that runs as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). We are both really excited about what on-demand pricing for IBMs server lineup offers in terms of new opportunities for both System Integrators and enterprises that want to innovate.

The conversation eventually got around to Adams experiment. He was able to set up a temporary server for just this event, and in a day or two the server can be torn down with no residual financial effects. Thats one of the beauties of AWS.

Adam posted the experiment on Twitter, and the interesting thing is that as of this moment “do nothing” is winning in the votes, and Adam swears that he is not cooking the results. (Perhaps I just did, though). You have one day to vote dont waste your chance to demonstrate the power of AWS…ummm…voting.

Update: Adam finished the experiment and took down the temporary server. You can view the results at


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