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Who’s using Ruby on Rails?

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Rails1 If you are an Amazon EC2 or Amazon S3 aficionado and are using Ruby on Rails, we would like to hear from you. Particularly we are interested to know how you are using Ruby on Rails, your architecture, your EC2 network topology setup, your S3 hacks. Anything that can help the newcomers to ramp up fast. Ruby on Rails cuts the development time by 50%, AWS eliminates the headache by 70%, and your ideas/experience will help the new comers even more. We would love to know how you are using Amazon Web Services and Rails together. Please use the comments section to describe your product and how the Ruby on Rails framework has helped you to reach your goals.

We know about a few that are already using AWS/Ruby on Rails : RightCart, RightScale, 37Signals’ BaseCamp, SlideShare, WeoGeo. In fact, Slideshare’s Jon Boutelle has a cool presentation about Ruby/Amazon S3 architecture.

In my previous post, I listed various Ruby libraries that have been built to use AWS. If you have new ones or have a new version, let me know and I will add one more precious stone (ruby) in the already-shiny AWS throne. Few that caught my eye were:

— Jinesh

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