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Your Input Please: Amazon S3 Copy

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There are any number of references on the Web to Amazons focus on being the earths most customer centric company; that passion and determination comes straight from Jeff Bezos.

It’s in this tradition that the product team posted a design spec for enhancements to Amazon S3. As Alyssa Henry says in the forum post, we’ve received a significant amount of customer feedback asking that we add support to Amazon S3 for copying an object, as well as related operations such as move and rename. The post points to a design document and asks for community input. (The document is not final–don’t design code around it!)

And the input is coming in! I encourage each of you to read the spec and send us your thoughts on whether the team’s work meets your needs. If not, please take the time to provide suggestions on changes you’d like to see in the spec. We’re serious about making certain our Web Services are the best on earth for you, the customer.


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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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