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Amazon ECS sessions at re:Invent

Come learn about containers—from the basics to production topics such as scaling and security—from customers and Amazon ECS subject matter experts at this year’s re:Invent conference. We’re excited to learn from you and hear what you think about our recently launched features. Containers are highlighted at Thursday’s Containers Mini Con at The Mirage:

  • CON301 – Operations Management with Amazon ECS
  • CON302 – Development Workflow with Docker and Amazon ECS
  • CON303 – Introduction to Container Management on AWS
  • CON308 – Service Integration Delivery and Automation Using Amazon ECS
  • CON309 – Running Microservices on Amazon ECS
  • CON310 – Running Batch Jobs on Amazon ECS
  • CON311 – Operations Automation and Infrastructure Management with Amazon ECS
  • CON312 – Deploying Scalable SAP Hybris Clusters using Docker
  • CON313 – Netflix: Container Scheduling, Execution, and Integration with AWS
  • CON316 – State of the Union: Containers
  • CON401 – Amazon ECR Deep Dive on Image Optimization
  • CON402 – Securing Container-Based Applications

There are also two hands-on workshops:

  • CON314 – Workshop: Build a Recommendation Engine on Amazon ECS
  • CON315 – Workshop: Deploy a Swift Web Application on Amazon ECS

There are other breakout sessions that talk about Amazon ECS; three that I’d like to highlight are:

  • GAM401 – Riot Games: Standardizing Application Deployments Using Amazon ECS and Terraform
  • NET203 – From EC2 to ECS: How Capital One uses Application Load Balancer Features to Serve Traffic at Scale
  • DEV313 – Infrastructure Continuous Deployment Using AWS CloudFormation

You can also join us for an open Q&A session at the Dev Lounge, watch ECS demos at the Demo Pavilion, and ask us questions in the AWS Booth at re:Invent Central.

We look forward to meeting you at re:Invent 2016!