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How Waves runs user queries and recommendations at scale with Amazon Neptune

This is a guest post by Pavel Vasilyev, Director of Solutions Architecture at ClearScale, an APN Premier Consulting Partner that provides a full range of cloud professional services. When executive management from Waves, a Y Combinator-backed mobile dating app, realized they were outgrowing their existing IT architecture on Google Cloud, they knew it was time […]

How Gunosy built a comment feature in News Pass using Amazon Neptune

This guest post is a translation and adaption from How to implement and operate News Pass comment feature in GraphDB using Amazon Neptune, published in Japanese by Gunosy. Gunosy’s motto is to “Optimally deliver information to people around the world.” In their own words “Gunosy has developed and operated multiple media businesses, including the information […]

Graphing investment dependency with Amazon Neptune

Storing and querying investment dependencies as a graph in Amazon Neptune reveals new relationships. EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) is an online public database from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). EDGAR handles automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and submission forwarding by entities that are required by law to file forms with […]

Using SPARQL explain to understand query execution in Amazon Neptune

Customers continue to want greater visibility and control over the services they use within AWS. When it comes to our database services, customer requests typically revolve around providing greater insights into the query optimization and processing within a given database. Database developers and administrators are mostly already familiar with the idea and use of database […]

Amazon Neptune now supports TinkerPop 3.4 features

Amazon Neptune now supports the Apache TinkerPop 3.4.1 release. In this post, you will find examples of new features in the Gremlin query and traversal language such as text predicates, changes to valueMap, nested repeat steps, named repeat steps, non-numerical comparisons, and changes to the order step. It is worth pointing out that TinkerPop 3.4 […]

How LifeOmic’s JupiterOne simplifies security and compliance operations with Amazon Neptune

This is a guest blog post by Erkang Zheng, the CISO at LifeOmic. Most organizations take a linear, list-based approach to security operations. It’s a two-dimensional process. First, identify resources. Second, manage their configurations. Ideally the tools and technologies for management also alert security analysts about changes in the environment and help with remediation. The […]

Introducing Gremlin query hints for Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database, optimized for storing and querying highly connected data. It is ideal for online applications that rely on navigating and leveraging connections in their data. Amazon Neptune supports W3C RDF graphs that can be queried using the SPARQL query language. It also supports Apache TinkerPop property […]