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Best practices for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL cross-Region read replicas

One of the managed service offerings of Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL is cross-Region read replicas. Cross-Region read replicas enable you to have a disaster recovery solution, scaling read database workload, and cross-Region migration. You can create a cross-Region read replica by using the Amazon RDS console, AWS CLI, or API create-db-instance-read-replica. There are additional data […]

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Using in-Region read replicas in Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports in-Region read replicas, which give you the ability to offload your read workloads from your primary database instance to a replica. Read replicas use the built-in distributed availability groups feature and are available for Enterprise Edition. A distributed availability group is an availability group that spans two separate […]

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Testing Automatic Failover to a Read Replica on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Darin Briskman is a developer evangelist at Amazon Web Services. You can reach him @briskmad “Trust, but verify.” — U. S. President Ronald Reagan, 1987 In this comment, President Reagan quoted a Russian proverb to describe his philosophy for nuclear disarmament treaties. But the same philosophy also applies well to DevOps! Amazon ElastiCache for Redis […]

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