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Utilizing Amazon ElastiCache Auto Discovery in .NET Through Enyim

by Mason Schneider | on | in .NET* | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Today, we released a new library, Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Configuration, that allows .NET applications to easily leverage ElastiCache features. This post explains why a programmer would want to use this library and offers a quick and easy way to try it yourself. What is Memcached? Memcached provides a way to easily avoid some of the […]

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Working with Multiple Regions

by Trevor Rowe | on | in Ruby* | Permalink | Comments |  Share

In a previous blog post, I introduced the new :region configuration option for the AWS SDK for Ruby (aws-sdk gem). Beyond simplified configuration, the Ruby SDK provides additional helpers for working with multiple regions. There are two new helper classes for working with regions, AWS::Core::Region and AWS::Core::RegionCollection. The AWS module provides helper methods so that […]

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