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Find, Try, and Purchase Mobile Software in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace has worked with ISVs throughout our ecosystem to introduce new mobile software in AWS Marketplace throughout the past several months. This is software that helps enterprises, mid-market companies, and startups create and manage mobile apps for their customers or employees.

The Mobile Factory

With more than 30 new mobile products from over 20 different ISVs categorized by the three phases of the mobile application development process: Build & Launch, Secure & Integrate, and Launch & Manage, you’ll find software options for every phase of your project. Check out the AWS Marketplace Mobile Factory Web Page where products in each stage are highlighted with links to their product listing page in AWS Marketplace. You’ll find products in easy-to-deploy Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and SaaS, paid and open source, and products suitable for startups or large enterprises. We call this the AWS Marketplace Mobile Factory because AWS Marketplace provides the components to help you construct and launch Mobile Apps more efficiently.

AWS Marketplace Mobile Factory: Mobile Software for the Entire Mobile App Lifecycle

Product Highlights

For example, you can find enterprise mobile frameworks from Kony to build mobile apps that connect to back-end systems and innovative stacks from Bitfusion for integrating video, deep learning, and imaging into mobile apps by off-loading these compute intensive tasks to AWS compute services. You can find open source software such as Phone Gap, Cordova, and Ionic from GlobalSolutions available as a complete stack that installs in 2 clicks into your AWS environment. For testing before and after deployment, you’ll find HPE’s suite of products including StormRunner Load and AppPulse Mobile. For securing Apps, Proofpoint makes its Mobile Defense product available in AWS Marketplace. You’ll also find listings for Apigee Edge, a sophisticated API management system, and a number of analytics and prediction tools like New Relic, Arimo, and AppDynamics.

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Integration with AWS

AWS Marketplace software extends and complements AWS Mobile Services and AWS services. For example, Bitfusion’s products can leverage the specialized g2.2xlarge and g2.8xlarge Amazon EC2 instances for its media tasks and Apigee Edge works together with AWS Lambda. All products run on EC2 instances within a customer’s AWS infrastructure or as a SaaS offering leveraging AWS infrastructure.

Given your specific requirements and the myriad of products available, it’s helpful to have a place where you can quickly try software that runs on AWS. Flexible pricing for many listings includes pay as you go hourly pricing, and many listings have free trials (AWS usage fees may apply) to get started. These pricing options give AWS customers the opportunity to evaluate products more cost-effectively. This flexibility and reversibility makes AWS Marketplace a great place to experiment for Agile developers.

Please send your questions or suggestions for mobile software in AWS Marketplace to If you are an ISV with a mobile product, check out the informative blog post “How to List Your Product in AWS Marketplace” written by Suney Sharma on the AWS Partner Network (APN) blog.