Front-End Web & Mobile

Your guide to AWS mobile and web development at re:Invent 2018

AWS re:Invent 2018 is almost here, and we know you won’t want to miss any of the mobile and web app development sessions. We have a lot of great content this year—almost three times more than last year! In addition, you can hear from several customers, including Hulu, ALDO, and Ticketmaster, on how they used AWS to build large-scale applications.

Start your planning with the AWS Mobile Leadership Session, which will be delivered by Amit Patel, GM of AWS Mobile. Also, check out how we think you should be thinking about mobile and web development in From Idea to Customers: Developing Modern Cloud-Enabled Apps with AWS, presented by Rohan Deshpande, Lisa Shon, and Tomas Batalla (from Goodreads).

From there, follow your passion. We have sessions about backend GraphQL with AWS AppSync and on-device testing with AWS Device Farm—plus workshops and sessions on developing for iOS, Android, cross-platform technologies like Ionic and React Native, and web technologies like Angular and React. The following sessions are some of the highlights.

If you’re interested in how GraphQL and AWS AppSync can provide a data layer for your mobile and web apps, you’ll want to take in Simpler by Design: Build a Better GraphQL API for Your Next App by Writing Less Code, presented by Michael Paris. Also, you can ask questions at Best Practices for Designing GraphQL APIs That Scale with Nader Dabit. Then go to a small-group builders session with Rohan Deshpande, Advanced GraphQL Design Patterns with AWS AppSync, where you can get one-on-one guidance from the expert.

For native developers, check out our Developing Well-Architected Apps with AWS series. We have one for Android and one for iOS developers. We also have workshops for both iOS and Android developers where you can hone your skills and get hands-on experience with the experts. If you’re a cross-platform developer, listen to Max Lynch from Ionic in Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Ionic, GraphQL, and AWS, or Nader Dabit in Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with React Native, GraphQL, and AWS.

For web developers, you can build a powerful photo-sharing app with AI-powered face and object detection, using several AWS services. Also, check out how you can leverage your web expertise for mobile apps in DevOps: Build, Deploy & Operate Mobile Web Apps with Serverless Backends, presented by Mohit Srivistava.

Finally, you don’t want to forget testing your apps to ensure quality. Our AWS Device Farm engineers will answer your questions on automated testing of iOS and Android devices during the small-group builders sessions. They’ll also deliver Best Practices for Implementing Mobile & Web App Testing in the Cloud to a wider audience. These are all sessions where your questions are appreciated!

With over 60 sessions across five days, there’s something for everyone in mobile and web app development. Check out the entire re:Invent AWS Mobile catalog for more information.