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AWS and the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight

Security is a top priority for our public sector customers around the world, and security is best addressed through preventative measures before a compromise occurs. With the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD)’s development of eight key strategies for cybersecurity risk and threat mitigation, our customers can now implement the ASD Essential Eight with our services and support. The ASD Essential Eight is set of cyber security best practices that, when implemented successfully, will provide your agency with a baseline cyber security posture.

AWS GovCloud (US) helps ASD cut costs by 50% while dramatically improving security

No one denies that military operations are very high risk. And in high risk operations, it is essential to assess risks and plan for mitigation. Enter the business of military organizational assessments, in which squadrons, battalions, companies, and detachments routinely turn to their own members to assess the safety climate of their organizations. In August […]