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Announcing the Inaugural Earth on AWS Fellowships and Internships Program

We are excited to announce the first year of the Earth on AWS Fellowships and Internships program, a new program that works with customers to fund interns and fellows to conduct novel research of the use of geospatial data in the cloud. We are working with Azavea, Development Seed, Element84, Sinergise, and SkyWatch on this program.

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A Minimalistic Way to Tackle Big Data Produced by Earth Observation Satellites

The explosion of Earth Observation (EO) data has driven the need to find innovative ways for using that data. We sat down with Grega Milcinski from Sinergise to discuss Sentinel-2. During its six month pre-operational phase, Sentintel-2 has already produced more than 200 TB of data, more than 250 trillion pixels, yet the major part […]

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