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Applying classical benchmarking methodologies to create a principled quantum benchmark suite

In this post, we will discuss the current landscape of quantum benchmarking and introduce SupermarQ,’s suite of application-based benchmarks designed to overcome the limitations of existing approaches. SupermarQ uses Amazon Braket for device-agnostic access to gate-based quantum processing units (QPUs), so benchmarks can highlight the heterogeneity of quantum computers and their various strengths in […]

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Amazon Braket launches OpenQASM support

Last year, we announced that AWS had joined the OpenQASM Technical Steering Committee to help shape a unified approach to express quantum programs across a variety of different hardware technologies. Today, we are excited to announce that customers can now run OpenQASM programs on all gate-based devices on Amazon Braket. Quantum computing is a nascent […]

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AWS joins the OpenQASM 3.0 Technical Steering Committee

In the early 1990s, James Gosling introduced the Java programming language. One of the key advantages to Java was that programmers could write code once and have it run on many different backends, without needing to concern themselves with the underlying hardware. This was enabled by an intermediate representation called Java bytecode. Java programs were […]

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