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2015 AWS Summit Security Presentations Are Now Available

2015 AWS Global Summit Series image

As a basic tenet, you never want to compromise on security. How, though, do you maintain the highest standards of security while not losing the ability to iterate quickly? At AWS, we address this challenge daily. In our recent AWS Summits in San Francisco and London, we shared some of our best practices so that you can learn from our experiences.

AWS Solutions Architect Rob Whitmore gave an Introduction to AWS Security. Rob spoke about the shared security model, and how AWS organizes and operates to protect your AWS resources more effectively. He also explained in detail how security is familiar, visible, auditable, and agile.

Principal Solutions Architect Bill Shinn talked about how to architect for more effective security in AWS. In his presentation (see the slides), Bill talked about how AWS helps you to move fast and remain as secure as possible at the same time. He walked through creating and documenting an environment by using AWS Service Catalog, and showed how AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail let you know what someone did and when. If something goes wrong, these services help you identify and address issues more quickly.

To go into more depth about these and other security topics, try to attend one of our AWS Summits in person, where AWS employees are on hand to answer your questions. You can also view more videos of presentations from 2015 AWS Summits.

– Paul