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How to Delegate Management of Multi-Factor Authentication to AWS IAM Users

by Mike Kuentz | on | in How-to guides | | Comments

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) has a list of best practices that you are encouraged to use. One of those best practices is to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your AWS root account. MFA verifies your identity through something you know (user name and password) and something you have (MFA hardware or software token).

Enabling MFA for one account is a simple process, and setup on the root account typically only takes a few minutes. But what about large-scale administration of MFA? Centralized provisioning and management can be tedious and scales poorly. Even so, the value of MFA-secured access demands a workable approach for securing your AWS assets.

This post will show you how to grant your users access to provision and manage their own MFA devices while not allowing them access to any AWS resources until they authenticate via their newly provisioned MFA device. The following diagram shows the workflow that this blog post follows. (more…)