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AWS re/Start program announces first cohort in Australia

Today, we announced the launch of the first AWS re/Start program cohort in Australia—our first cohort in Asia Pacific. It joins our AWS re/Start cohort locations across Europe and North America to help individuals around the globe launch cloud careers. With more than one million Australians predicted to be unemployed during the first half of […]

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Free AWS Training webinars to grow your cloud skills

AWS Training and Certification has launched a series of free, live virtual training events, each led by an accredited AWS instructor with real-time Q&A chat support. In this blog post, we provide information on when the classes are hosted, why you should participate, and what free course types we are offering. You can register for […]

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Sportsbet leverages AWS Training and Certification to take control of their technology

Contributed by: Michael Foster, General Manager of Enterprise Technology at Sportsbet Sportsbet is the largest online bookmaker in Australia, but we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. Our competitors are constantly innovating, and to stay on top in an intensely competitive market we need a continuing commitment to progressive thinking, a willingness to take […]

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Build confidence to migrate workloads to AWS Cloud with AWS Migration Ramp-Up Guide

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has helped thousands of organizations migrate their applications and workloads to the AWS Cloud. Based on these experiences, AWS has developed a proven process, framework, tools, and playbooks to help customers migrate applications and workloads to the cloud. We have consolidated these resources for our customers into an AWS Migration Ramp-Up […]

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Cognitive Science Post 3: Using elaboration to reinforce your understanding of concepts

This is the third and final post on how you can use principles from the cognitive sciences to enhance your learning of the AWS Cloud. Earlier in this series, we looked at how important it is to not rely solely on passively taking in information from a presentation or a class. Instead, challenge yourself to […]

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Explore the AWS Transit Gateway Networking and Scaling digital course

Are you considering use of AWS Transit Gateway in your AWS Cloud? We have created an interactive training module, called the AWS Transit Gateway Networking and Scaling course to help you learn how to set up a Transit Gateway and connect Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). This intermediate 200-level course is designed for someone who […]

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