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10 tips to prepare simultaneously for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exams

In 2022, I prepared for, and earned, both the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification exams. If you’re looking to grow your AWS Cloud knowledge, I encourage you to consider pursuing both AWS Certifications simultaneously as it offers a comprehensive understanding of AWS, reinforces related concepts, saves time, and enhances career prospects. In this blog, I’ll share 10 steps I followed to prepare to take both exams within a few weeks of each other.

5 steps to build your skills for AWS IoT

To succeed in Industry 4.0, companies need to upskill and reskill their workers to maximize the benefits of disruptive technologies, in particular individuals who have traditionally focused on operational technology (OT) domains, such as plant managers, product managers, engineers, and architects. We’ll share five steps and associated resources for individuals in these roles to learn about AWS Cloud and AWS IoT services to skill up for Industry 4.0.

Chouaieb Nemri’s unstoppable quest to the AWS Cloud

Just yesterday, Chouaieb Nemri passed his 12th AWS Certification, which means he now has every certification currently offered by AWS–an achievement shared with a limited number of individuals. Even more remarkably, Chouaieb completed his previous 10 certifications in the span of a single year. Chouaieb suffers from a rare and severe form of muscular dystrophy, which significantly compromises his ability to move. To hear Chouaieb tell it, however, he was able to achieve these amazing technical feats not so much despite his disability but because of it.

Giving startups and small businesses the tools and resources to close skills gaps

Learn how startups and small and medium businesses can take advantage of AWS programs to meet their unique digital transformation goals. By measuring baseline cloud proficiency, small teams can fill learning gaps through tailored learning programs and use AWS Partners to accelerate development.

Learner journey: From zero cloud knowledge to achieving three AWS Certifications in one year

I often get asked how I transitioned from a software development role to a cloud role. If you had asked me a year ago if I would want a career in cloud, I would have told you ‘Not a chance’. I didn’t even know how exactly the cloud worked. In this blog, I’ll share why that changed and how I went from no cloud experience to achieving three AWS Certifications in less than a year. I knew Amazon Web Services (AWS) offered industry-recognized certifications, but I wasn’t really sure how to get started and where to go to prepare for these certifications. This blog will also cover the resources I utilized to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exams.

10 study resources for the AWS Certified: SAP on AWS – Specialty exam

Read 10 study tips to help you prepare for the AWS Certified: SAP on AWS – Specialty exam. This certification exam is intended for individuals in roles that require experience with both SAP and AWS. It covers foundational as well as deep-dive topics around SAP and AWS, validating the candidate’s ability to design, implement, migrate, and operate the broad range of SAP workloads on AWS, adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and SAP certification and support requirements.

How one Ukrainian found a new career path with ITSkills4U

When the war broke out in the Ukraine in February 2022, Julia was offered an opportunity to relocate to Poland with her current employer. Once there, she found a job listing for a customer service coordinator with AWS’ ITSkills4U program. She applied and got the job. Learn how ITSkills4U has transformed Julia’s life, in both the work she is doing and how she chose to take advantage of the free cloud skills trainings the program offers Ukrainians.

Deloitte advances women in cloud tech using AWS Training and Certification

Deloitte recognizes that one of its greatest strengths is the unique perspectives and voices of its people—with diversity, equity, and inclusion part of its core values. Deloitte has also long recognized the gender gap in the technology space and has been working to close that gap through training programs. Learn how Deloitte’s CloudUp for Women (CU4W) program has helped women from diverse professional backgrounds gain in-demand cloud skills and address the gender gap in tech.

UnionBank of the Philippines: 5 insights to train your team

Accenture reports that a digital skills shortage is the top barrier to achieving cloud value–ranked as the number one barrier. Forward-thinking enterprises, like UnionBank of the Philippines, are maximizing their cloud investments by upskilling their workforces, becoming prime destinations for top cloud talent. Learn more from Michelle Rubio, the bank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, about how UnionBank built a Cloud Center of Excellence based on the AWS Skills Guild framework.