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Unlocking generative AI opportunities with AWS

The new learning program, Unlocking Generative AI Opportunities with AWS, developed in collaboration with the Udemy Business Leadership Academy, is uniquely designed to equip leaders across all industries with the generative AI knowledge and change management strategies they need to develop talent successfully and drive the digital transformation within their organizations. Now’s the time for you and your team to learn the what, why, and how behind generative AI.

5 ways to increase AWS Certified employees in your organization

Partners with AWS Certifications have demonstrated their understanding of AWS best practices, architectures, and services. This enables them to recommend the most suitable solutions that align with the customer’s requirements and business goals. Learn 5 best practices for encouraging certification pursuits and retaining top talent, along with real-world examples from AWS Partners who have successfully adopted these methods.

How a trio of women triumphed in tech hackathon

International Women’s Day honors the achievements of women worldwide and advocates for gender equality. This is the perfect opportunity to share a story that truly embodies the spirit of this significant occasion. In the traditionally male-dominated tech industry, a trio of women embarked on a remarkable journey at the recent Tech to the Rescue hackathon.

Learn AWS Cloud skills based on your unique learning style

There is no “one-size-fits-all” technique to learning cloud technologies. You may rely on visual and auditory learning, and someone else may be more of a kinesthetic learner. AWS provides multiple avenues for you to train up, and this blog post aims to guide you toward resources that help you build your AWS Cloud skills based on your unique learning style.

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AWS training on generative AI helps Innovative Solutions stay ahead in the machine learning revolution

AWS Partner Innovative Solutions, a technology firm founded in 1989, underwent a transformative journey from local IT services to global full-stack AWS development, embracing AWS training and generative AI to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.

Foster inclusion, diversity, and equity with AWS Inclusive Hackathons

Hackathons are an effective mechanism to train on, encourage, and nurture inclusion and productive idea exchange across diverse teams, and for employees from diverse backgrounds to showcase their technical and business acumen. The AWS Inclusive Hackathon event is a new offering to customers and partners that allows the opportunity to create and practice ongoing diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

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How neurodiverse superpowers are unlocking innovation in tech

Adelaide’s 42 coding school, inspired by École 42, is a focal point for neurodiverse tech talent, employing a learning model centered on peer collaboration and project-based coursework. With over 40% neurodiverse students, the school offers an alternative pathway, and through partnerships with AWS, it integrates industry-relevant training, such as the AWS Cloud Quest, enriching learners with practical cloud skills and enhancing their potential for successful tech careers.

New courses and certification offerings from AWS Training and Certification in December 2023

Dive into our 21 new digital training products on AWS Skill Builder, including seven new game-based and interactive trainings and certification preparation courses to help you build AWS Cloud expertise, from AWS Industry Quest: Manufacturing and Automotive, AWS Card Clash, to the new AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam prep resource, AWS Escape Room. You can also recertify for your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner by playing the beta AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner Recertify – no need to take an exam. We also have four new learning plans with digital badges to guide your knowledge-building, and for executives, we’ve added cloud education for Chief Human Resource Officers and for executives wanting to build their security know-how.

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The BMW Group upskills 2,500 employees with Platform Academy, builds sustainable workforce in South Africa

To redefine automotive innovation, the BMW Group is equipping itself for the future with the necessary tools and expertise for collecting, analyzing, and managing data. The company worked alongside AWS to launch an expansive learning program that upskilled more than 2,500 employees in data analytics, data science, and software development. A pivotal development was the establishment of the BMW Platform Academy with a focus on AWS Cloud skills, which empowered the company’s next generation of engineers.