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New AWS skills initiatives help APAC get AI-ready

From Japan to Indonesia, and further south to New Zealand, organizations and individuals from diverse communities are actively embracing and integrating the latest and most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to improve their lives and work. AWS Training and Certification is helping them build the skills they need to innovate today and tomorrow.

New courses and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification in October 2023

In October, we launched 13 digital training products on AWS Skill Builder, including a new learning plan and digital badge for Migration, a new AWS Jam Journey for Game Serverless and Analytics, a free digital course to build generative AI skills with Amazon Bedrock, and a new 12-month, prescriptive virtual training program to build job-ready cloud developer skills called AWS Cloud Institute. And, AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner is now available in Japanese.

A finance associate’s race to become a PETRONAS machine learning champion

How PETRONAS’ AWS Skills Guild propelled Aiyna Nazieha Muhamad to become the first female PETRONAS Exclusive AWS Virtual DeepRacer winner — with the fastest time ever recorded in Malaysia. Since 2019, PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national petroleum company, has been going through an extensive digital transformation, embedding data, analytics, and automation into almost every aspect of the […]

How I achieved all six specialty AWS Certifications on first attempt

I joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Solutions Architect in September 2022 after skilling up in AWS Cloud, validating my expertise by earning six AWS Certifications. I decided to pursue the other six certifications, at the specialty level. In this blog post, I’ll share my journey to prepare for and earn the AWS Specialty Certifications, each on the first attempt.

Learn to build, train, and iterate machine learning models faster with new AWS course

For experienced data scientists working with disparate data science tools, Amazon SageMaker Studio provides an integrated set of ML tools in a single interface. Our new three-day, advanced-level, virtual classroom course, Amazon SageMaker Studio for Data Scientists, will help you develop the skills to increase productivity at every stage of the ML lifecycle using SageMaker Studio.

New AWS Power Hour: Specialty Certification starts October 3

Join us for six, all-new Twitch training series focused on each of the domain areas corresponding to the specialty-level AWS Certifications, starting October 3 on Mondays and Fridays. And, sign up for our Get AWS Certified: Specialty Challenge and get a 50% off exam voucher.

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How one learner earned four AWS Certifications in four months

Ever wonder what it takes to earn an AWS Certification? Imagine earning four in four months. Rola Dali, a senior software developer at Local Logic, shares her experience and insights about challenging herself to do just that. She breaks down the resources she found most helpful and her overall motivation to invest in her cloud learning journey . . .

Learn how to operationalize ML models with new AWS course

A VentureBeat report notes that 87% of data science projects never make it to production. This isn’t surprising if we consider an International Data Corporation (IDC) survey that points to the lack of machine learning and operations (MLOps) skills as one of the top three challenges in operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI). 52% of the participants […]

Building your machine learning skill set for today’s rising demand

This blog is ideal for those new to ML who want to understand the foundational skills needed for ML and how to acquire them, as well as those who want to deepen their ML knowledge and expertise. For each, there are AWS Training, resources, and documentation to help you build your knowledge and comfortably participate […]

Surprise! Bonus episode of AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning

We are excited to announce that AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning is back (sooner than expected) with a bonus 8th episode! If you missed the 7-episode series earlier this summer, you can catch all the episodes via recorded streams, and mark your calendar for Episode 8 next Thursday, September 24 at 4 p.m. PST on […]