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5 ways to increase AWS Certified employees in your organization

Partners with AWS Certifications have demonstrated their understanding of AWS best practices, architectures, and services. This enables them to recommend the most suitable solutions that align with the customer’s requirements and business goals. Learn 5 best practices for encouraging certification pursuits and retaining top talent, along with real-world examples from AWS Partners who have successfully adopted these methods.

Unleash cloud innovation with the power of entry-level talent

Kevin Kelly, director of AWS Cloud Institute, dives into the burgeoning demand for cloud skills and the pivotal role entry-level talent plays in addressing the industry’s pressing needs. Drawing from the Enterprise Strategy Group’s findings, Kelly emphasizes the transformative impact of nurturing and investing in entry-level cloud professionals alongside seasoned experts and how this approach in helping organizations thrive.

New European study: AI skills will significantly boost productivity and salaries

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping the professional landscape and ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation for all industries. This transformation is not only changing the tools that we use, but is also reshaping the way organizations are structured and everyday tasks are executed. Access Partnership and Amazon Web Services (AWS) collaborated […]

How a trio of women triumphed in tech hackathon

International Women’s Day honors the achievements of women worldwide and advocates for gender equality. This is the perfect opportunity to share a story that truly embodies the spirit of this significant occasion. In the traditionally male-dominated tech industry, a trio of women embarked on a remarkable journey at the recent Tech to the Rescue hackathon.

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AWS training on generative AI helps Innovative Solutions stay ahead in the machine learning revolution

AWS Partner Innovative Solutions, a technology firm founded in 1989, underwent a transformative journey from local IT services to global full-stack AWS development, embracing AWS training and generative AI to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.

Foster inclusion, diversity, and equity with AWS Inclusive Hackathons

Hackathons are an effective mechanism to train on, encourage, and nurture inclusion and productive idea exchange across diverse teams, and for employees from diverse backgrounds to showcase their technical and business acumen. The AWS Inclusive Hackathon event is a new offering to customers and partners that allows the opportunity to create and practice ongoing diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

New AWS skills initiatives help APAC get AI-ready

From Japan to Indonesia, and further south to New Zealand, organizations and individuals from diverse communities are actively embracing and integrating the latest and most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to improve their lives and work. AWS Training and Certification is helping them build the skills they need to innovate today and tomorrow.

How VMware partnered with AWS to nurture a culture of sustainability

Learn how we helped VMware build a culture of sustainable software development practices, in particular working jointly to help the VMware Tanzu CloudHealth research and development team. Through training initiatives, foundational cultural adaptations, and AWS Well-Architected Framework guidance on their sustainable development and production workloads, we’ve helped Tanzu CloudHealth incorporate sustainable practices in their software development lifecycle. Their journey presents an example of how AWS, with partners like VMware, can help customers incorporate a culture of sustainability into engineering practices and product development.

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Hostersi: training its sales team for cloud success

Hostersi, one of Poland’s leading IT solutions companies, has been an AWS Partner for more than a decade. More than 60% of its diverse slate of customers — including everything from banks to advertising agencies to the Polish public sector — are based on AWS. In 2018 Hostersi discovered an important principle: If you want […]

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Capgemini and AWS: Driving social sustainability through digital inclusion

Capgemini is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address the digital divide through education and employability programs, emphasizing the importance of digital inclusion as part of its sustainabilitypledge. In this blog, Anurag Kumar Pratap, Capgemini’s Vice President & CSR Leader in India, discusses Capgemini’s collaboration with AWS re/Start program to train 1,800 learners in India for cloud-related careers by 2024.