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The fastest growing job skills for 2023: 3 takeaways

Which skills will keep your workforce competitive? What types of professional development do you need to keep up with rapidly evolving technology, macro-economic trends, and organizational strategies? Coursera, an AWS Training Partner, has released the 2023 edition of The Job Skills Report revealing insights that guide answers to these pressing questions.

Prioritizing People: 4 Strategies that Make or Break Cloud Migrations and Beyond (AWS re:Invent 2022)

If you missed it, AWS Training and Certification presented a breakout session at re:Invent 2022, “Prioritizing People: 4 Strategies that Make or Break Cloud Migrations and Beyond,” presented by Sabina Joseph, director of strategic industries. In it, she outlined the tremendous growth of cloud and how organizations can maximize their investment, and overcome cloud skills gap challenges, with four key strategies. Watch the full session and read the key takeaways here.

IT skills training, certifications benefit both organizations and employees 

In this blog, we’ll recap the key findings from the 2022 Skillsoft IT Skills and Salary report, in particular the impacts of the IT skills gap, the benefits of training and certification to employees and organizations, and data showcasing which training modalities have the greatest impact.

Upskilling Asia Pacific to stay competitive in the digital economy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is focused on helping close the skills gap, and today we are excited to announce that we have trained over 5 million people across APAC with cloud skills since 2017. While we’re proud to reach this important milestone, our work doesn’t stop here. We are deeply committed to our training mission and we know reskilling and upskilling will make workers more efficient, organizations more productive, and economies more robust in the coming year.

Steps to implement cloud skilling programs to jump-start digital transformation

As more organizations are investing in digital transformation to accelerate business growth and competitive positioning, they’re quickly finding they lack the necessary cloud-skilled talent to help reach their cloud goals. This blog post shares actionable steps leaders can take now to stand up cloud skills training programs to support their cloud business goals, retain valuable talent, and become an organization where skills development is the key ingredient to innovation.

AWS Certifications

When Artificial Intelligence becomes more than a passion

Learn how AWS Certifications can help you validate your knowledge and enhance your credibility. Dipayan Das updated his artificial intelligence (AI) skills with AWS Training and Certification. He shares the resources he used and the impact of his training, including his ability to add value to his organization and clients. . .

Creating an inclusive culture where technical women can thrive

Today marks International Women’s Day (IWD), a global holiday designed to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It’s also a call to action to advance women’s equality. This post shares key topics discussed during AWS re:Invent 2021, when we brought together an esteemed group of professionals to share how they are #BreakingTheBias in a powerful conversation called Cultivating a Culture Where Technical Women Flourish . . .

Cloud training trends driving business growth in 2022

Maureen Lonergan, Vice President of Training and Certification for Amazon Web Services (AWS), shares the following five trends that are driving training strategies and priorities in 2022: 1) retaining talent supersedes hiring new talent, 2) cloud skills training moves beyond the IT desk, 3) making space and time to prioritize learning, 4) skills training as the innovation enabler, and 5) personalized training becomes the standard . . .