Canadian Services

The AWS Canada Region has two Availability Zones made up of one or more discrete data centers to help customers meet local compliance and security needs. In Canada, AWS offers bilingual technical account managers who are available to assist you with any AWS solution. We strive to provide innovation, speed, and value through our support of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and related services including Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, NAT Gateway, Spot Instances, and Dedicated Hosts.

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Canadian organizations can secure, store, and process their data on AWS with low latency across most of Canada by leveraging AWS’ infrastructure technology to build their businesses and run their applications in the cloud. The breadth and depth of AWS services can speed-up time-to-market, increase business agility, and allow a brand to go global in minutes, with just a few clicks.

With AWS edge location services like AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall), Amazon Route53, and API Gateway, companies will see improved network performance for their Canadian customers by having a closer public entry-point into the AWS optimized network, or leverage caching services. 

Canada is also home to Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) edge locations in Toronto, Ontario, and Montréal, Quebec.

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Security and Compliance

At AWS, cloud security is our highest priority. As an AWS customer using cloud computing services in the Canada Region, you will benefit from local servers and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. AWS allows customers to scale and innovate, and provides the tools to maintain a protected environment. Customers can choose to secure their data locally, to help them meet Canadian PIPEDA regulations.

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AWS Customer Stories

AWS delivers flexibility, scalability, and reliability to our tens of thousands of active Canadian AWS customers. AWS has already made an impact for business of all sizes, from startups to the country’s most established enterprises and public-sector organizations.

See what our current Canadian AWS customers are saying about us:

“Any continuous integration and deployment pipeline should be
automated, easy to manage, and discoverable, and that’s exactly what we get using AWS. We get a level of simplicity and transparency we simply couldn’t have in our previous on-premises environment.”

- Sam Keen, Director of Product Architecture, lululemon

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AWS Customer Stories

AWS was recognized as one of the cloud leaders in Canada by IT World Canada in 2018. Our Canada Region was established in response to customer feedback about being able to host data locally.

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AWS Customer Stories

Canada is one of the world’s leading producers of hydroelectric energy. Tap into that hydro to power your servers. AWS servers in the Canadian Region are powered by 99% hydroelectricity and are carbon neutral, as part of our goal to attain 100% renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure footprint.

AWS Customer Stories

AWS has both English and French speaking technical account managers available. 

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