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"Tangerine and Amazon share many common attributes. We have a common passion for putting our customers first, embracing technology to better serve their needs and delivering the most innovative products and services. We are thrilled that Amazon Web Services is bringing its cloud services to Canada as it will help us deliver on our vision to support Canadians to make smart financial decisions for a better life."


"Canada’s most popular weather provider, The Weather Network/MétéoMédia combines science, creativity and significant investments in technology to produce some of the most popular websites and apps in Canada to deliver your weather when it really matters. We are excited to continue to use and take advantage of AWS’s new cloud services in Canada that give us the performance, flexibility and agility to create new big data solutions, streamline our operations, and drive our innovation as we deliver the best weather services in the world."

The Weather Network

"At Brault & Martineau, the leading furniture and appliance retailer in Quebec, our eCommerce site is a critical component of our digital future. We are moving our eCommerce platform to AWS to lower costs, improve performance and reliability via automation and configuration management and to provide more agility so we can continue to innovate in our customer experience. We are excited about and intend to use the new Canadian region based out of Quebec."

Jean-François Deschênes, Digital Director, E-Commerce & IT

"As one of the earliest adopters of cloud computing in Canada, we have utilized AWS for years – and it has delivered on the promise of a powerful, cost-effective, flexible and innovative cloud offering for us. We are excited that AWS is bringing even more capabilities to market in Canada, just in time for our B2B platform build out of the Postmedia Innovation Outpost at Communitech (Waterloo, ON)."

Thomas Jankowski, EVP and Chief Digital Officer

"Tridel builds communities that are Built Green. Built for Life.® The Condominium and retirement residences from Tridel are built using technology as a cornerstone to deliver an outstanding living experience. We continue to use AWS to power our websites and we are excited by the potential of these new services in Canada to power low-risk innovation for the smart community of the future."

Ted Maulucci, Chief Information Officer

"EllisDon continues to partner with leaders in technology to enable growth in our operations and strong brand, both in Canada and globally. Amazon Web Services is establishing a significant presence in Canada; we are excited by our new and expanding relationship as we look to innovate further as a leader in the construction industry."

Joe Jagodich, SVP CIO

"Camso is a customer-focused, world-class manufacturer of high-performance products for the off-road vehicle market. We required a world-class engine to drive our operations and cost efficiency and are excited to be piloting SAP S/4HANA on AWS to support our facilities across 24 countries around the world."

Kevin Norris, Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations Director

"Amazon has been instrumental in supporting Zayo’s accelerated transformation. This includes migration from some of our legacy applications to the changes in our operating cost structure to be more efficient – our main focus is on the mainframe billing platform that has been in-house developed since the 1980s. We were able to stand up our first environment in two days and did a full upgrade and ran a mock billing run within five days."

Ghislain Ouimette, Director IT Canada

"As a truly global organization, with employees and customers around the world, we require the ability to cost-effectively and efficiently connect both with our teams and with our customers. AWS’s product has helped enable more reliable and interactive communication for our business. We are leveraging several of the available tools to drive operational enhancements and cost savings overall."


“As one of the world’s largest and oldest microstock photography agencies, it is hard to believe the cumbersome, time-consuming process we used to rely upon from our previous managed service provider to deploy a server to host our photos. We went from having to wait for over a month for new servers to be installed to being able to quickly scale out servers to keep up with our increasing customer demands. With AWS we are much better positioned for growth without hardware restrictions and are no longer dependent on legacy servers and ways of doing business.”


“As the largest building envelope sub-contractor in North America, we support thousands of application users working on commercial and industrial construction projects across North America,” said Alan Zych, Manager, Mobile Applications, The Flynn Group of Companies. “By moving from an on-premises environment to AWS we can more securely, reliably, and cost effectively store our job data, which has delivered numerous benefits including reducing customer billing/quoting times for repairs from 40 days to 2.7 days on average.”

Flynn Group of Companies

“As a trusted provider of workforce optimization applications used by major brands in manufacturing, field services, healthcare, and oil and gas, we built our business in the cloud in 2011,” said Steve McBride, CEO of Weever Apps. “After moving from Azure to Rackspace in a managed services model we needed a more reliable service to help our business scale effectively to meet our end-customer demands. We turned to AWS to securely host all our applications and since migrating in 2016 we have received a 668% reduction in downtime.”

Weever Apps

“To meet the needs of Energy+’s 65,000 customers for up-to-date, real-time information during power outages, Energy+ implemented an Outage Management Solution (OMS) in 2016. Part of that solution included a partnership with AWS to provide the platform to deliver a public-facing Outage Map solution, which enabled Energy+ to deliver the service with over 99.99% reliability. By partnering with AWS, Energy+ reduced the need to implement additional data center infrastructure and networking costs. The affordability, reliability and resiliency of the AWS cloud services means that our customers’ have the critical information they need when the power goes out. This has resulted in improved overall customer satisfaction with Energy+ services.”

Energy+ Inc.

"With clients in over 30 countries around the world, Maplewave delivers our industry-leading telco retail solutions using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our challenging environment requires a reliable cloud solution. We are excited to leverage AWS Cloud services so we can deliver a superior product at scale. We've already seen fantastic improvements in flexibility and visibility and know AWS will be key to our future growth."

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