AWS Managed Services Customers

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of business information services. Its products include highly specialized information-enabled software and tools for legal, tax, accounting and compliance professionals, combined with the world’s most global news service, Reuters.

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“Being able to offload problems to the AWS Managed Services team, and knowing they were a trusted resource that could get us to the endgame, was a huge benefit.”

Justin Wright, Vice President of Architecture and Development - Thomson Reuters

Change Healthcare

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company that provides data, connectivity, and analytics-driven solutions designed to improve clinical, financial, and patient engagement outcomes in the US healthcare system

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“We went from concept to deployment in 60 days because of the expertise of AWS Managed Services and AWS Professional Services. They helped us meet the aggressive timelines around our split and reforming, while also helping us address concerns about compliance and security. It was amazing what we accomplished in a short period of time.”     

Zigmond Kuczynski, Vice President of Infrastructure and Cloud Operations - Change Healthcare

Motability Operations Ltd

Motability Operations operates the Motability Scheme, providing worry-free mobility solutions to customers across the UK. Customers exchange their mobility allowance to lease a range of affordable vehicles, with insurance, maintenance, and breakdown assistance included. 

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“Using AWS Managed Services shifts the responsibility for maintaining and securing our traditional workloads using the shared security model. AWS Managed Services has been the last piece of the puzzle allowing us to deploy any workload in the cloud.”

Rob Meredith, Technical Delivery Manager - Motability Operations

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is a US-based bank that provides financing and know-how for college-bound students, and it offers products and resources to help customers make new goals and experiences possible beyond college. The bank finances private student loans for postsecondary education and provides free tools for scholarship searching, college preparation, and financial planning.

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“Everyone says they put customers first. With AWS Managed Services, we saw first-hand how customer-obsessed they were."

Mike Bandy, Vice President of Infrastructure and Operations CTO - Sallie Mae

Carro Group

Founded in Singapore in 2015, Carro Group runs Southeast Asia’s leading marketplace for pre-owned cars. Carro guarantees a trustworthy and transparent experience for end-to-end car ownership, offering additional services such as repair workshops and in-house financing.

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"Working with Cloud Comrade and AWS Managed Services has allowed us to move into higher value-added business functions, while driving our core operations."

Kelvin Chng, Co-founder - Carro Group

Detrack Systems

Detrack Systems is a real-time delivery tracking system that integrates drivers and customers on a single platform. With a presence in over 50 countries, the Singapore-based company simplifies and digitalizes last-mile deliveries through a mobile app.

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“With our DevOps taken care of by AWS Managed Services and our backend secured, our engineering team can focus on development and innovation.”

Fanny See, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder - Detrack Systems

Information Builders

For 40 years, Information Builders has been helping customer make critical decisions based on data. The independent software vendor's business intelligence (BI), data management, and data integrity solutions have open architectures that make it easy for customers of all sizes to integrate Information Builders products into their own systems, often as white-label components.

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"Working with AWS Managed Services, we were able to release cloud versions of our software platform on AWS less than four months after engaging and win more than 10 new cloud customers in the first two quarters.”

Dan Ortolani, Senior Vice President for Worldwide Customer Services - Information Builders

National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia’s largest business bank, supports companies at every stage of the business lifecycle. As part of a digital transformation, the bank is transitioning to cloud services and building the cloud skills of its employees.

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“As we started out and upskilled our workforce, we moved our applications to AWS Managed Services. The team ran those applications for us, which allowed us to migrate at scale from the start, all while freeing us to build up our in-house cloud skills.”

Steve Day, Executive General Manager of Infrastructure, Cloud, and Workplace - NAB

Origin Energy

Origin Energy is a leading Australian integrated energy company—with more than four million customer accounts and 7,500 megawatts of thermal and renewable generation—that supplies the Australian and export markets.

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“We are putting resources into customer improvements and new software features instead of needing to fix infrastructure and operating system–related problems. Overall, we have sped up delivery time for features and accelerated innovation by working with AMS.”

Larry Clarke, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations – Origin Energy