Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes Now Generally Available

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) is a managed service that makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install, operate, and maintain your own Kubernetes management infrastructure.

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Introducing AWS Fargate - Run Containers Without Managing Servers

AWS Fargate is a technology for deploying and managing containers without having to manage any of the underlying infrastructure. You no longer have to worry about provisioning enough compute resources for your container applications. 

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Introducing Service Discovery for Amazon ECS

Amazon ECS now includes integrated service discovery that makes it easy for your containerized services to discover and connect with each other.

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Recent Announcements



Date Announcement
December 28 Amazon ECS Now Supports Docker 17.09
December 22 Circuit Breaking Logic for the Amazon ECS Service Scheduler
December 14 Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR now available in São Paulo and Mumbai regions.
December 12 AWS CodePipeline Adds Support for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate
December 8 Amazon Compute Service Level Agreement Extended to Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate
December 5 Amazon ECS Support for Windows Server Containers is Generally Available
November 29 Amazon ECS CLI Version 1.1.0 adds AWS Fargate Support
November 29
Introducing Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Preview)
November 29
Introducing AWS Fargate
November 14 View and Filter Amazon ECS Services
November 14 Amazon ECS Introduces Task Networking for Containers
November 7 Amazon ECS CLI Version 1.0.0
November 2 Amazon ECS Allows Containers to Directly Access Environmental Metadata
November 2
Amazon ECS Adds Support for Docker Device and Init Flags in Container Task Definitions
October 11 Introducing Lifecycle Policies for Amazon ECR
October 10 Amazon ECR Now Available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region
October 4 Amazon ECS Now Available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region
September 22 Amazon ECS Adds Support for Adding or Dropping Linux Capabilities to Containers
September 7 Amazon ECS Now Integrated with Network Load Balancer to Support High-Throughput and Direct TCP Connections with Containers
August 10 Amazon ECS is Now HIPAA Eligible
June 27 Amazon ECS RunTask and StartTask APIs Now Support Additional Override Parameters
June 7 Amazon ECS Now Supports Time and Event-Based Task Scheduling
June 6 Amazon ECS Adds Console Support for Spot Fleet Creation
April 3 Amazon ECS CLI Version 0.5.0 Supports Application Load Balancer, Elastic Container Registry, and R4 EC2 Instance Types
March 23 Introducing Notifications for New Amazon ECS-Optimized AMI Releases  
January 27 Amazon ECR Supports Docker Image Manifest V2, Schema 2
January 24 Amazon ECS Supports Docker Version 1.12 and Ability to Add Attributes During Instance Boot
January 24 Amazon ECS Supports Container Instance Draining
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